It all started with…

Shades of Cyan came to life as jewelry artist, Hannah Wagonhurst, was exploring  dreams for her future. She was leading a professional life that did not cultivate her creativity. As a creative outlet, she began making jewelry for herself that spoke to the individuality she held as the wearer.  After realizing the joy and excitement that this brought into her life, she decided to make a revision to the life that she was living. Hannah quit her job, enrolled back into school to study art, and began making jewelry more often. After a couple of hot fabrication classes, the love for creating jewelry grew. Through the process of manipulating metals into works of wearable art, she had found her voice. 


Hannah begins creating a piece of jewelry by placing a combination of different metals and stones together to explore the shapes that they create. By placing these materials together, a story begins to form. When placing a hand picked stone on a piece of silver, copper, or gold, the stone will decide what the design should be; it will guide Hannah in the process of shaping and manipulating the metal to fit with and showcase the stones. Once the piece of jewelry is complete and adorned, the story is fullfilled. Each piece of jewelry that one wears should help express their personality and individuality without the wearer having to say a word, at first glance a passer by will have an idea of who you are. With a strong desire to create rings, pendants, cuffs, and earrings, I limit myself to creating jewelry that one can wear everyday to help tell their story.


Through trial and error, Hannah continues to aim for perfection in her craftsmanship to communicate emotions and uniqueness. The pieces are inspired by my past and present, by the materials used, and by the natural surroundings. By exploring different shapes, sizes, and materials, Hannah can place creative energy and thought into each piece to evoke a personal response for the wearer.